About the Bonsai Stock Shop.

The Bonsai Shop.

Selling bonsai stock for bonsai enthusiasts, both beginner and for advanced skills. The stock for sale are classical species that respond well to bonsai. The stock is root trained, subtle seasonal pinching, healthy and ready for your styling. Some maybe in the beginnings of a style by the way they are growing.

Deliveries to all parts of New Zealand are possible.

Bonsai stock for sale – Cedrus deodara.

Cedrus deodara Manali
Old Cedrus deodara, Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh, India; 2500m altitude. Photo from Wiki.

Cedars are grand, stunning and are a classic bonsai specimen for any collection. Grown from seed these Cedars are the common variety and are in Year sizing for price point. The stock details are listed in the website store under the Evergreen Category.

Please call Dayne on Ph: 021 323 244, or send a question using the website form here

About Dayne.

Hello, my name is Dayne Smith and I have been growing bonsai since my early youth – mid 1980’s 🙂  Young or old depends on how close you are to trees, I trained my bonsai skills from my father and from various practitioners over the years.

I am a qualified Graphic Designer. A practitioner of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. With Calligraphy skills built up over time – all of these enjoy themselves in grand, ancient and stunning trees – who generally seem pretty happy.

Trees and the creative skills have led me to an understanding, and, a way of life. As a care taker of bonsai, I wish you joy and satisfaction with the art of Bonsai.

Regards Dayne.